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Attorney at law in Olomouc - JUDr. David Pytela, MBA, LL.M.

The price for the legal services is always arranged in advance according to the agreement between the attorney at law (lawer) and the client. The arranged rate depends on individual needs of each client and the circumstances of each case.

The following types of fees can be arranged:


Time rate

Upon previous agreement the fee is determined as a multiple of the time rate and the time spent on providing the legal service. The client is always informed about the estimated time in advance. We usually charge:

900 CZK + VAT for every commenced half an hour of providing legal services

Fixed rate

Upon previous agreement the fee is determined as a fixed sum for providing all of the lagal services.

Percentage rate

Upon previous agreement the fee is determined as a percentage of the value of the case (issue).

Lump rate

In case of a long-term relation the client and the lawyer may agree upon a discounted lump rate per month, depending on the extent of services provided. This lump rate covers agreed amount of time during each month in which all the legal services are provided without any fee. The amount of the lump rate depends on the extent and the legal difficulty of the services provided. The advantage is lower price covering all of the provided legal services.


Non-contractual fee

Non-contractual fee is set according to the Regulation of the Ministry of Justice no. 177/1996 Coll., as amended. Non-contractual fee is charged if there is no other type of above stated fees arrangement between the attorney at law and client. The text of the regulation is available on the website of the Czech Bar Association. Fee set by the regulation is often higher and cannot meet the client's individual needs.