Your law firm JUDr. David Pytela, MBA, LL.M

The price for the legal services is always arranged in advance according to the agreement between the attorney at law (lawyer) and the client. Do not delay solving your legal problems and contact us today. We will help you!

Types of fees - Law firm:

Time rate

Upon previous agreement the fee is determined as a multiple of the time rate (CZK) and the time spent on providing the legal service (time). We charge, unless agreed upon otherwise:

1 100 CZK + VAT for every commenced half an hour legal services

Fixed rate

Upon previous agreement the fee is determined as a fixed sum for providing all of the lagal services.

Method of payment - Law firm

The payment for legal services is accepted only non-cash, either by credit card in law office or aftewards by bank transfer.

Account No: 4858558329/0800
Account No: 2112535105/2700

CBA č. 15969, ID 03535797, VAT CZ8612206130

Why does it make sense to visit a lawyer (law firm)?

As part of my profession, I often find that people seek the help of an attorney at law (lawyer) only when it “flows into their shoes”. This probably stems from the ingrained notion (I must point out that it is wrong) that one only goes to an attorney at law (lawyer) when one is in big trouble. In such situations, in many cases it is not possible to completely solve the problem. Only to mitigate its consequences. In this respect, a lawyer can be compared to a doctor. If a person comes to the doctor only when he is very ill, he often cannot be completely cured. Only his problems are alleviated. Each of us is aware of this, values our health, and therefore prefers to come in time. It is necessary to approach legal problems (law) in the same way. 

For example, an attorney at law (lawyer) cannot, however better, “conjure up” a valid contract from an invalid contract. An investment in an attorney at law (lawyer) always pays off. Due to his knowledge and experience, the attorney at law (lawyer) will prepare a “tailor-made” solution for the client. This will either completely eliminate or substantially eliminate possible problems. Contact us.

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