Mandatory regulatory information

Mandatory (lawful) information:

Termination of the contract for the provision of legal services:

The client is entitled to terminate the contract regarding the legal services at any time without giving any reason. It is stated by the law act no. 85/1996 Coll., as amended. In the contract regarding the provision of legal services is possible to arrange notice period for the notice by the client. This cannot be no longer than three months. If the attorney at law does not arrange otherwise with the client or if the client does not make another measure the attorney at law is obliged to provide all urgent actions within 15 days after the termination of the contract so that the client does not suffer any harm on his rights or legitimate interests. This does not apply if the client notifies the attorney at law that he does not insists on performance of this obligation.

Out-of-court settlement of consumer disputes:

Entity competent for out-of-court settlement of consumer disputes between attorney at law and client is the Czech Bar Association. The website of this subject is

Legalization of proceeds of crime:

The lawyer is a liable person pursuant to Act No. 253/2008 Coll., On Certain Measures against the Legalization of Proceeds from Crime and Terrorist Financing, as amended, and pursuant to this Act is obliged to implement measures pursuant to this Act and other regulations, including client identification and control. For this purpose, he is obliged to collect
and store the client’s personal data and make copies of the documents from which he verified this data.

1. Defining the scope of processed data
All names, birth numbers and, if not assigned, date of birth and sex, place of birth, permanent or other residence and citizenship; in the case of a natural person engaged in business, also his business name, distinguishing the appendix or other designation, registered office and identification number of the person (see Chapter 5.2.2.)

2. Determination of data processing time
For a period of 10 years after the execution of the transaction outside the business relationship or the termination of the business relationship.

3. Defining the purpose of data processing
Fulfillment of legal obligations in the area of combating money laundering and terrorist financing.

4. Notice on the form of data processing (their recording, making copies of documents, copies of documents, evaluation, archiving).

5. Restrict or exclude information on the rights of the data carrier and his data processing possibilities.

6. Instructions on the transfer of personal data.

7. Instructions on the supervisory authority.

Non-contractual remuneration:

In the event that none of the above types of fees is agreed with a lawyer (Olomouc lawyer), the so-called non-contractual fee will apply. The amount of non-contractual fees is determined by Decree of the Ministry of Justice No. 177/1996 Coll., On lawyers ‘fees and lawyers’ compensation for the provision of legal services (lawyer’s tariff). The text of this decree is available, for example, on the website of the Czech Bar Association – here. The big disadvantage of non-contractual remuneration is that it cannot respond either to the specific circumstances of the case or to the client’s circumstances. This fee is typically applied in the case of ex officio (appointment of a lawyer by a court).

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