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The story of the law firm

JUDr. David Pytela, MBA, LL.M., advokát :

While studying law and from my own experience in my personal life, I perceived that things in legal practice are “not ideal”. I missed “humanity” the most.

So I decided to do things my way, otherwise!

I founded my own law firm, where I based the provision of legal services on a personal and individual approach to each client and each case. For me, it is not just a phrase, but the goal (principle) to thoroughly examine the needs and wishes of the client, the circumstances of the case and thus provide the client with the best tailor-made solution for the future. To put it simply, to be a person in the first place and lawyer in the second place.

Every member of our law firm thinks and provides legal services the same way.

Based on the above, the motto of the law firm was created: Your guide to law

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